The ultimate crustacean dream! This impressive dish, brimming with the freshest catch of the day, such as Akami (Bluefin Tuna), Sake (Salmon), Kanpachi (Amber Jack), Fresh Oysters with Chilli Sauce, Tai (Wild Sea Bream), Poached Prawns and Braised Baby Abalone, allowing diners to enjoy freshness in a platter. Definitely a must-have!

缤纷美味, 梦幻色彩! 这道荣获大奖的同乐海鲜招牌菜, 不可不尝。它将最新鲜的食材荟萃一盘, 有白灼虾、油甘鱼刺身、旗鱼刺身、泰式蟹肉沙拉、生蚝, 再佐以秘制辣椒酱、墨西哥Ceviche(酸橘汁), 让食者纵情享用自然真味。而厨师专为搭配三文鱼刺身特别调制的墨西哥风味酱, 同样要细细品味, 不容错过。

Do you know that this was an original creation of TungLok Seafood? Since it was introduced in Year 2000, this award-winning dish has enjoyed a cult following. It creatively uses wasabi-infused mayo sauce, served on juicy fresh prawns deep-fried to golden perfection. This dish may have been replicated in many other restaurants across Singapore, but for a taste of the real thing, nothing beats the original!

这道如今已风行美食界的名菜, 最早就是由同乐海鲜于2000年首创,  并获得大奖, 受到广泛追捧。同乐海鲜创造性地采用绿芥末与蛋黄酱调配酱汁, 为炸制成金黄色的新鲜大虾佐味, 取得了相得益彰的效果, 滋味无穷。今天, 在新加坡的很多餐厅, 都可以品尝到这道菜色。但要论口味的正宗, 地道, 当然要首推让它一举成名的同乐海鲜!

A distant cousin of the popular Chilli Crab and unlike most Black Pepper Crab dishes, our version of the Black Pepper Crab is sautéed with a special blend of black pepper and fresh peppercorns. Full of robust flavour, it is best paired with a glass of pure white wine! Voted best in town!

这道经典名菜, 可算是辣椒螃蟹的近亲。但与大多数的黑椒螃蟹不同, 同乐海鲜版的黑椒螃蟹所采用的酱汁, 是由黑胡椒和青胡椒特别调制而成, 汁浓味重, 滋味独特, 配上一杯精美的白葡萄酒, 妙不可言!

A popular all-time family favourite and using only the freshest crabs, TungLok Seafood has re-created this dish with a gob-smacking twist to the gravy! Made from a unique combination of tomato sauce and fresh hand-squeezed orange juice with thin slices of orange, it is best savoured with piping hot steamed buns!

这是一道脍炙人口的经典名菜, 选取最新鲜的螃蟹精心烹制而成。同乐海鲜在传统技法基础上进行再创造, 让这道菜更加汁浓味美。厨师秘制酱汁, 将蕃茄酱和新榨橙汁巧妙调和, 以纤细的橙皮丝佐味, 风味独特隽永。配上热腾腾的蒸馒头蘸汁来吃, 令人拍案称绝!